I’m sitting here trying to put into order the events that have transpired in the past 12 months but every time I think of something definitive, it spurs a new memory. We started out as 5 and now we are 3. We started with no new music in years and now we have an album, numerous covers, a back catalogue of 15 odd b-sides and a brand new 5 track EP sitting in our pockets. We’ve played shows throughout America and we’re just about to receive our artist visas to tour there as much as we like.

Life is strange. What can start as something comfortable and strong can take a drastic turn and throw you into a direction you didn’t even realise you could be taking, but we all know this. Embracing change is the hardest yet most exciting thing in the world and this year we’ve drowned in it.

We’ve had a long run with our debut album. We recorded it in late 2013, planned for a release in mid 2014 and then much to our surprise, ran into some major setbacks for what ended up being a couple of years. We decided to take an obstacle and find a way around it, fixed the problem and released our very first album ‘El Dorado’ on September 30, 2016 through a major label with national radio play, a debut at #3 on the iTunes pop charts and ultimately a gift of songs we are incredibly proud of to anyone who will listen.

The second it was out in the world we were hungry to learn from previous circumstances and move onto new music as fast as humanly possible. We shortlisted 20 songs we had written this year, picked our best 5 and journeyed up to the central coast only weeks later to record a brand new EP with our good producer friend Andy Mak (Vera Blue), and I was more than grateful enough to be asked to co-produce.

As I am typing this, I am listening to the first round of mixes and I could not be more f*cking excited.

The style is current. The music is us. The vibe is right and we’re thrilled.

We finished recording in October, caught a plane to the U.S.A in November and set up camp for 4 weeks writing even more new music. We used to be so caught up in writing ‘the’ songs that were needed at the time, and we’d end up frustrated and left feeling stagnant. This year has been a testament to the beautiful change that can occur when you pull aside your creative perfectionism and you write and write and write. You learn from all the people that are ‘better’ than you and you start to build a small collection of work that continuously grows, in turn creating some opportunities that never would have been seen. I’ve found that this has been mind blowing in every aspect of life and not just music. It’s astounding what you can watch yourself achieve when you create ‘non-negotiables’ with yourself and you dedicate to learning and practicing.

a few weeks into our trip, we were lucky enough to be asked to perform at City Winery in Nashville. A gorgeous venue with enormous red drapes and a wooden stage that literally shined. We showcased our new music to a sold out crowd of 700 people and the response we received was overwhelming. Through this, we were blessed with meeting a countless amount of music industry reps and some new friends who we are really excited to partner with in 2017. We were also caught a little off guard when we drove into downtown Nashville one morning and saw a giant billboard of our faces staring back at us.. That was a pretty surreal feeling!

All in all, this year has been wild, challenging and productive. What it really feels like though, was a set up for a 2017 which we are honestly unsure about how large it could get.. We’re back in Utah in January to perform at Sundance Film Festival, we’re touring Australia in February (accompanied by a brand new single) and then we’re back in the states in March to tour throughout the rest of the year. We can’t reveal too much just yet, but we’re very excited to have partnered with some iconic brands, set up a touring circuit bigger than we’ve ever done before and honestly just to keep making music and playing shows.

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Thank you to everyone who bought ‘El Dorado’ this year, came to a show or took care of jake when he was incapacitated..

Drew xo

Love, DN